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HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT -- I am a Wellness Educator & Author. I invite you to visit my own website. It presents A WORLD OF WELL-BEING for better health, stress control, personal growth & success. Take our online Wellness Quiz and see how well (or not) you are.  -- Jon Miller

CLICK HERE -- Are you 70% water as you should be? Are your fluids in the right form? Learn why and what to do about it. Don't drink your tap water! Don't bathe or shower in it either. Advanced, effective, affordable water purification & new breakthroughs in water improvement.

CLICK HERE -- Learn about the multiple benefits of flaxseed, perhaps the best natural SUPERFOOD.  It improves health in many ways: brain & nerves; BM's; skin, hair & nails; sleep; helps prevent arthritis, heart disease & cancer.  Best source of Omega 3 oil & lignans.  Rich in protein, B vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Very affordable.

CLICK HERE -- Every kitchen should have a high quality juicer to get the most nutrition out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Compare and select from among the top brands at LOW discount prices.  Other great health-building kitchen items too.



MASSAGERS -- Super LOW prices on the wonderful Hitachi electric massagers for pleasureful relaxation, plus other massage tools.  Also: home exercise units and more. Check out these great home health items.



NATURE'S SUNSHINE PRODUCTS -- This outstanding company has been known for the highest quality herbal products for 30 years.  I have been with them for over 25 years. You can have your own account, and enroll others for referral income, by simply placing a $40 order. Explore the amazing array of great products, and place an order.




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